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Praise Jah: Interview with Jah Soul


Wasup errbody its ya boy mike tree shedding light to an artist that sheds a luminous energy that commands the attention of all the eyes and ears it presents itself to creates with his fans … a fitting and accurately descriptive namesake I present independent artist “jahsoul lyrical” these opening statements are nothing less than a testament of the connection he created with his fans state to state coast to coast on the 7th annual “get money stop hatin’ tour.” When you set your business up to be a well-oiled machine the gears of opportunity will still turn as jahsoul had a pleasant offering to for his song entitled “Hold On” to be scored in the motion picture “Call Me King.” With all the accomplishments JahSoul :yrical is achieving I found if a natural progression to take time out and Praise Jah.



Mike Tree: What inspired your style?

JahSoul Lyrical: the excitement and boldness that comes with being different some of my favorite artist outkast bone thugs in harmony and Kendrick Lamar seem to put people in a trance I want my music to capture the level of connectivity.


Mike Tree: Tell us about your rise to fame

JahSoul Lyrical: the grit the grind the determination to be hands on in whatever that is relevant to my career in music is what made me the artist I am now (a force to be reckoned with.) At one point I was hosting a radio show and wrote for a magazine live shows photo op’s anything to place myself around influential people which paid off because the venture I took with billboard entertainment preceded my first single with major distribution and song placement for a motion picture!

Mike Tree: give our readers a behind the scenes look into life on the road

JahSoul Lyrical: mike your hometown Saint Louis Missouri was gangster lol it truly is the show me state the crowd didn’t approach the stage until the felt my energy the fire I bring to the stage every time saved that show. Tulsa Oklahoma was a unique vibe all together the lingo is different they set their own standards for fashion and even the landscape was absolutely breathtaking i stayed three days and got all good vibes.









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