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The project Apeirophilia begins in Genoa during 2014, when Leonardo Capurro (drums), Giovanni Marchi (bass) and Cristiano Olivari (guitar) decide to start an instrumental post-rock band together, later developing a more progressive sound. The name Apeirophilia is a neologism and could be translated to “love for the eternal”. The band's main objective is to base its music on non-canonical axioms, in the never-ending attempt of, starting from rythmics, sounds and complex ideas, reaching an easy-to-listen sound and an homogenous result, while still being interesting for anyone that wants to dig deeper into the tracks. The sound is progressive, mixed with post-rock influences and joined by light electronic elements. Another peculiarity of the band is the spatialization of the instruments throughout the tracks.

L.U.A. The band's first work is the concept album 'Interrelate'. The name itself wants to express interconnectedness, a mutual interaction: as reality is strictly interconnected in all of its parts so the tracks are tied and intertwinted, conceptually and sonically. The opera is divided in 'structures' that are a way to observe and interpret reality. The album goes from the micro to the macroscopic level of nature to a less physical and more nucleic interpretation of reality. The first structure is under the name 'L.U.A.' and analyzes the world under a scientific lens. The name of the album section is the acronym for the 'last universal ancestor', the single-celled organism that was the common ancestor to all living organisms. The first entrance to the EP is a shot done by Ted Kinsman (assistant and professor of SEM photography in the Rochester Institute of Technology) depicting a radiolaria, protozoan living in the Mediterranean Sea. 

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