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2nd Annual Pike County Payback Festival

Today is the 2nd Annual Pike County Payback Festival in Bowling Green, MO at Bat Creek Brewery. There has been representation from a few different bands in the local St. Louis area such as Antonio and Phatz from Discrepancies, Isaac from Soundtrapp and others out. 

With the fact that there was other things going on in the county on Saturday the attendance wasn't as huge as it was last year, however, those that did come out did hang around and then as the night went on there was more trickling through. However, I did notice that after the debut of Celestial Blue it seemed as if the crowd really thinned out. Well, I hate to say but if you didn't stick around you didn't catch the debut of Sky Burnt White in Pike County Folks. 

There were a variety of different acts this year at the Festival some new and some returning from last year. Pike County's very own Chloe Dawn performed on stage and if you haven't seen her you are definitely missing out. She is a 17 year old senior at Bowling Green High School and this girl has got an amazing talent not only by her voice but by her talent on the guitar. I would bet to say that she's going somewhere folks. 

There were a few acts that I did miss out on earlier in the afternoon, such as Blind Shepherd, Cuvi and Mike Reynolds. Two of these acts in Blind Shepherd and Mike Reynolds are also some of Pike Counties local talent and it's always a pleasure to see more local acts coming. If you have not seen Cuvi, you are definitely missing out here. Cuvi is from the Granite City, IL area and he's a blind guy, but he doesn't let that stop him from playing music and making jokes along the way. He's also on the lineup this weekend at Rockfest at the Huzzah Valley Resort.

Next up, we have NoWake, they are from Hannibal, MO and they are rock. But they brought it this day and personally I can't wait to see more of them. We then had 1 Step Down, who played some country tunes and were down to earth as well. 

Rounding out the evening were the bands of Divide the Empire, Celestial Blue, OneDay and Sky Burnt White. I am fond of all these bands and love the chance that I get to see all of them live. In fact, OneDay and Sky Burnt White are also playing this weekend (Labor Day Weekend) at Rockfest at the Huzzah Valley Resort. See the other post on my blog in regards to Rockfest and I will be wrapping it up at the end of the weekend. 

Take the time to support your local music scene and #unitepike as in the words of Jordon McCallister. Let me tell you I think that he finally found his niche this weekend, he was completely in his element with his bass and that blues band in Celestial Blue. They are a bunch of talented guys from the Pike County surrounding area. Who knew Jason Asquith had pipes like that and that Joey Findley could rock out on the guitar like that. 

Well if you missed Payback II then you missed a heck of a good show. Be prepared because I am sure that there is more coming to the area and I will be the one to let you know more about the events as they are announced.

-Amber Grote

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